Today's Blessing

Often God uses our children to reveal who we really are. I remember as a young mom, being totally flabbergasted on how I reacted to a situation. I comforted myself with, “Well, that’s not really me”, but in reality, that was me. Our goal is not perfection but steady progress in the right direction. Keep going.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10, NKJV)

Drudgery - A Mom's Day

Dear Mom, Drudgery. Mothers sure know the meaning of that word! Much of our efforts in the home is repetitive, as you may have noticed … and for the most part … goes unnoticed. Very early on in my mothering I learned an important truth. I would often say, “no one sees what I’m doing […]

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Dear Mom, One day, it just so happened that two heartbroken widows Ruth and Naomi, travelled back to Naomi’s home-country. Needing food, it just so happened that Ruth gleaned in the field of a distant relative named Boaz, who just so happened to be rich and single (smile!) and you guessed it – Boaz just […]

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A Minute for Moms

  Dear Mom, In the evening, reflect on your day. What you did well, thank God – what you did wrong, ask His forgiveness. Refuse to carry over today’s frustrations into your brand new tomorrow. We all fail sweet Mom and don’t get it right every time … that is why we need a Saviour […]

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Fort Mac Burning – May 2016 If you live in North America, chances are you have watched footage of the wild fires burning in the northern oil town of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. Fort Mac looked like something out of the movies. An apocalypse. A town of 80,000; running for cover. Thousands of vehicles […]

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Heaven - RSVP

Thoughts on Heaven I’ve heard about heaven. Read about heaven. Thought about heaven … and am looking forward to going to heaven – but I’ve never been there. My grandpa is there; He’s already made the trip. So has my grandma, aunts, father-in-law, friends and a little tiny grandson – yes, heaven is a real […]

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