Today's Blessing

Often God uses our children to reveal who we really are. I remember as a young mom, being totally flabbergasted on how I reacted to a situation. I comforted myself with, “Well, that’s not really me”, but in reality, that was me. Our goal is not perfection but steady progress in the right direction. Keep going.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10, NKJV)

Dear Mom, It was God’s idea that you should be born a little girl and grow into a beautiful woman. He saw your tiny body while still in your mother’s womb; He knit you all together and concluded “she is good”! Dear sweet Mom, God gave you life. Regardless of how you were conceived or […]

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Dear Mom, You know how busy mornings go – on one such morning, a Dad woke up his little daughter for day care. “Sweetheart”, he said, “we’re running late this morning, we’ll have to eat breakfast on the fly”. She heard, “this morning we have to eat flies for breakfast”. “Daddy” she exclaimed, “but I […]

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Chariots of Fire - Mama's Blessings

CHARIOTS OF FIRE The movie “Chariots of Fire” tells the story of a runner who competed in the 1924 Olympics. We learn so much from those who have gone before us; especially those who have walked with God and leave us a great example to follow. Eric Liddell said, “I believe God made me for […]

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A Minute for Moms

Dear Mom, Have you ever felt like you cannot carry on? I’m sure you have. I recall one Sunday morning, sitting in a pew at church – totally exhausted. Life seemed overwhelming. Amid my tears I prayed, “Lord, please speak to me today – show me how to carry on”. After a few hymns, the […]

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A minute for moms

Dear Mom, It’s the start of another week. Allow me to remind you sweet Mom, there is no substitute for your own personal time with God. It is in this quiet place that your strength is renewed. Simply be still for a few moments today; turn your phone over and commune with your Heavenly Father. […]

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