Today's Blessing

When you hear birds chirping and wind rustling in trees, you know that God is fully involved in the moment. Just as He made the breeze invisible, His unseen presence comforts and consoles us from one day to the next. Sweet mom, regardless of what today holds, I know who holds today. God is with you.

O Lord my God, You are very great. (Psalm 104:1, NIV)

Raising Teenagers Often parents shudder when they think of their children becoming a “teenager”. I’ve searched through the Bible and cannot even find the word teenager. There is mention of children and youth … but no “teenager”. Interesting. When my children were young, many well-meaning parents would say, “Oh, you just wait until they become teenagers”. […]

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Football Fortitude When a football team runs onto the field, prep time is done and competition is on. I love watching this sport. These players have trained and now they are ready to rumble. If you are a football player – I so admire your determination and “never quit” attitude. I appreciate your strength as you […]

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