Today's Blessing

As I flew over the Atlantic Ocean, God knew exactly where I was in the world. Even while on that long overseas flight - He took note of the seat I was in. Nothing I do nor anywhere I go escapes His watchful eye. He simply loves me, cares for me and He feels the same way about you, sweet mom. God does not have favourites.

O Lord … you know everything about me. You know when I sit or stand. (Psalm 139:2, LB)

Raising Teenagers Often parents shudder when they think of their children becoming a “teenager”. I’ve searched through the Bible and cannot even find the word teenager. There is mention of children and youth … but no “teenager”. Interesting. When my children were young, many well-meaning parents would say, “Oh, you just wait until they become teenagers”. […]

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Football Fortitude When a football team runs onto the field, prep time is done and competition is on. I love watching this sport. These players have trained and now they are ready to rumble. If you are a football player – I so admire your determination and “never quit” attitude. I appreciate your strength as you […]

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