Today's Blessing

Often God uses our children to reveal who we really are. I remember as a young mom, being totally flabbergasted on how I reacted to a situation. I comforted myself with, “Well, that’s not really me”, but in reality, that was me. Our goal is not perfection but steady progress in the right direction. Keep going.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10, NKJV)

It had been a busy day and I kept moving from morning to night, actually, with a new baby in the house, I was moving in the middle of the night as well. It was bedtime for my other two and I had just tucked them in. Completely exhausted with my third child now asleep […]

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A minute for Moms - pure unselfishness

Dear Mom, While shopping one day I noticed a lady and counted her kids – six! Two brown, two black and two white all calling her Mom. Curiously, I watched her go to her van and buckle in the little ones while the older ones buckled themselves. Marvelling I thought, “She’s touched the life of […]

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  Dear Mom, Miriam was a very courageous mother of the Bible. Completely hiding her baby boy from tyrants, she devised a plan to save her son. It worked. Her little boy was rescued by a queen and grew up in a palace. In fact, he changed the course of history – his name was […]

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God cares

God Redeems Broken Women Have you ever felt like a broken woman? Thought your life was ruined? Let me tell you the story of Rahab. She was a broken woman. Her profession … well, unprofessional. Though Rahab’s lifestyle was shameful, God saw her and knew what she could become. He knew her heart. God’s eternal […]

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A minute for moms

Need a little hope today? A couple of years ago in the month of October, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after spending 69 days locked beneath the earth’s surface. Months earlier a shaft had caved in where the miners were working trapping them deep within the mine. It took 17 days for rescuers to even […]

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