Today's Blessing

Consider Noah in the Bible. He started building a boat in the middle of a field because God said it was going to rain. However, before the fulfillment of God’s word to Him, He built for decades. Even more astounding, no one had even seen rain before, as dew had previously watered the earth. God will come through sweet mom ~ do not grow weary.

But when the fullness of the time had come …". (Galatians 4:4, NKJV)

Awe Christmas. Snow falling gently, Christmas music playing, baking cooling – isn’t it a shame that everyday doesn’t feel like Christmas? Perhaps your day looks nothing like this idyllic image. Sure Christmas is right around the corner but as a Mom, you’re stressed to the max. To you, December means more pressure, more money, more […]

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God cares

God Redeems Broken Women Have you ever felt like a broken woman? Thought your life was ruined? Let me tell you the story of Rahab. She was a broken woman. Her profession … well, unprofessional. Though Rahab’s lifestyle was shameful, God saw her and knew what she could become. He knew her heart. God’s eternal […]

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A minute for moms

Need a little hope today? A couple of years ago in the month of October, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after spending 69 days locked beneath the earth’s surface. Months earlier a shaft had caved in where the miners were working trapping them deep within the mine. It took 17 days for rescuers to even […]

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Dressed for Battle

DRESSED FOR BATTLE If you watch the news for more than 1 minute, you know there are many battles being fought in the world today. We have all seen the eyes of a soldier in combat, dressed for battle. Their resolve is fixed; they have done their preparation and will fight the enemy. Whatever that […]

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Start Fresh One day we had a herd of cows delivered to the farm. It was suppertime and I expected my husband home any minute, however, the delivery truck arrived a few minutes early and I shuttered, “Oh noooooooo, I need the delivery guy to wait for my husband before letting the cows out!!!” I […]

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