Today's Blessing

As I flew over the Atlantic Ocean, God knew exactly where I was in the world. Even while on that long overseas flight - He took note of the seat I was in. Nothing I do nor anywhere I go escapes His watchful eye. He simply loves me, cares for me and He feels the same way about you, sweet mom. God does not have favourites.

O Lord … you know everything about me. You know when I sit or stand. (Psalm 139:2, LB)

God cares

God Redeems Broken Women Have you ever felt like a broken woman? Thought your life was ruined? Let me tell you the story of Rahab. She was a broken woman. Her profession … well, unprofessional. Though Rahab’s lifestyle was shameful, God saw her and knew what she could become. He knew her heart. God’s eternal […]

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A minute for moms

Need a little hope today? A couple of years ago in the month of October, 33 Chilean miners were rescued after spending 69 days locked beneath the earth’s surface. Months earlier a shaft had caved in where the miners were working trapping them deep within the mine. It took 17 days for rescuers to even […]

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Dressed for Battle

DRESSED FOR BATTLE If you watch the news for more than 1 minute, you know there are many battles being fought in the world today. We have all seen the eyes of a soldier in combat, dressed for battle. Their resolve is fixed; they have done their preparation and will fight the enemy. Whatever that […]

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summer fun

I love watching the Winter and Summer Olympics. Listening to athletes share their journey to excellence and watching them perform; is just plain wonderful. They have such perseverance and grit – all of them reaching the top of their game. You can be sure this summer I’ll be watching!  Incredibly, even now as you read […]

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