A Minute for Moms

A Minute For Moms

Dear Mom, God’s kingdom works in reverse, humility before honour. Motherhood is a long lesson in selflessness. Regardless of how we handled yesterday’s challenges, every morning we can start fresh. The goal is to have more days that are productive, good and happy, than miserable, sad and bad days. It is never too late to […]

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A moment for moms

  Dear Mom, On the farm in early spring, the smell of old winter leaves burning says, “winter has passed”! The old literally goes up in smoke, to make way for the new growth underneath. Sometimes sweet Mom, we need to rid ourselves of wrong attitudes, draining friends, bad habits and every old bit of […]

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a minute for moms

  Dear Mom, Perhaps you are discouraged today – would you allow me to encourage you? Don’t beat yourself up with your failures of yesterday, as everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we need to stop trying to figure out every angle of a situation and simply love the children God has placed in our care. God […]

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