I love starting a new year. It’s fresh and full of promise – a miracle.

“Miracles are supernatural events that supersedes natural laws.”

Do you need a few of these this year?

Last week I drove by a familiar intersection and a memory came flooding back. Let me tell you about a miracle …

Many years ago, my young son and I had made the hour drive to Costco. I finished my shopping, we hopped in the car and drove through the subdivision weaving our way back to the main road. I noticed the light was red at the intersection; I pulled up, put on my signal and waited for the green light to proceed.

What happened next was an event that superseded natural laws.

The light turned green and I didn’t move. I sat there like a stone. I remember thinking, “What am I doing? The light is green”. Within a split second, a car like a bullet – sped through the red light.

I gasped.

Had I simply moved forward when the light turned green, I would have been hit. Considering the speed the other car was going, I doubt my son and I would have survived the impact; leaving behind my husband and our other four children.

As I made a slow left, I was so shaken, I couldn’t drive. I pulled off to the side of the road. “Dear Jesus, you just saved my life, our lives. You made me stop on a green and kept me there until the car passed. Thank you, Jesus.”

Maybe this new year you are looking for a miracle.

You need one.

A supernatural event that supersedes natural laws.

Allow me to encourage you today; if a personal God watches when lights turn green and keeps you stopped to save your life – then dear one, He sees you too – as you are stopped – because you are in desperate need of a miracle.

Jesus coming to earth – is a miracle. His death on a cross in the prime of His life for us – is a miracle.

God is full of miracles – and I believe He has one for you in 2020!

We can’t make God do anything, that would be a foolish presumption, but we can trust Him in everything and ask with faith believing – for a supernatural event that supersedes natural laws – a miracle.

“For with God nothing will be impossible”. Luke 1:37 (NKJV) 

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